The Innovations Vault Team.

Intel Processing
4 CPUs / 8 GB Ram

1 Node with 1 Relay to produce and validate all blocks.

Cloud Services
24/7 Uptime

The INV stake pool is up all the time. When not producing blocks, it is validating them.

Offline Keys
stored in a vault

Secured servers, with offline keys protected in a physical vault.

Details on ticker: INV

  • 2 ADA pledged
  • 0.2% Saturated
  • 1 Delegator

Learn how to stake your $ADA. Delegator rewards are risk free and do not lock up your Cardano. has fully described what staking is, and why it is important to the overall health of the network. As will all things on the block chain: 'Don't trust, verify'. Here is their write up on how to stake.

This video by 'Crypto Capital Venture' outlines how to stake on the network...

How To Stake CARDANO - YouTube

Read up on what the heck a 'blockchain' is and how did it get to be a 2 trillion dollar banking mechanism... with no bank involved.

New to Cardano

In crypto you are in full control of your funds, this requires getting up to speed on how to protect your hard earned $ADA.

How to stay safe
About Us

Trevor Gibbons

  • Software development and Financial Controls experience
  • Stake pool operator -> Smart contracts builder -> dApps developer
  • Committed to the #CardanoCommunity and personal holder of $ADA
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